Resistance Band Set

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*1 yellow elastic(5-6lbs)

*1 green elastic(7.5-8.5lbs)

*1 red elastic (10.5-12lbs)

*1 blue elastic (15-18lbs)

*1 black elastic (22lbs)

*2 foam covered handles

*1 door anchor

how does door anchor work

hold the soft foam end by the door opening,place the foam end in between the door and door frame and shut the door, open the loop on the end which comes through the door, thread the elastic, through the loop- that is are in!

How does exercise band work?

For example, when you begin an exercise like Biceps curl and your arm is straight, the yellow elastic produce 5 lbs of tension, by the end of the movement when your arm is bend and the elastic is stretched, the same elastic is producing 6lbs of tension. the works is same ways of the other color elastic.

This bands systems come with 4 or 5 bands, each band is a different thickness which ends up creating a different level of tension. when you want to perform an exercise you simply clip the elastics on to the ankle straps or handles. Since every elastic has the clip, you can use them

individually or combined to create many different levels of tension.

Material of exercise band:

latex tubing, foam, metal clip, it is 125mm

packing size:53x50x38CM

each set in one fabric bag


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